We are Dana Al Khaleej Modern debt collection company, we attach importance to the continuity of the relationship with customers, so we provide you with a comprehensive collection of services that includes an action plan to be agreed upon according to the policy followed by you. Collecting their money in a more efficient manner allows them to fully devote themselves to the exercise of their economic role by completing the sales cycle to reach its result to achieve profits on a regular basis, our professional work depends on the provision of services through teams distinguished by the art of negotiation and trust Dana Al Khaleej Modern Company works with a team of local lawyers and consultants with experience and competence in the fields of local banking sector, commercial and investment companies sector, telecommunications sector, insurance sector and tourism sector. Dana Al Khaleej Modern Company seeks to provide distinctive services to its customers in the collection of funds. The client letter written Outenbah to start legal proceedings to encourage them to pay as well as the collection of the required amount either from him or from the enforcement agencies judgments.
We provide private collection service for companies, institutions and individuals, regardless of the age of debt required to collect and whatever available guarantees and supporting documents to claim these funds. Dana Al Khaleej’s modern services include, according to the contract agreement with the clients to resort to litigation through a specialized team and characterized by speed and efficiency after providing documents to obtain judicial rulings to force the liabilities to meet the debts of our valued customers as soon as possible.