What is the collection service:
Debt collection is a financial and legal department specialized in settling the collection of all types of debts, whether due, overdue or bad, the need for such activity emerged at the end of the twentieth century and was accompanied by the rapid development of financial and administrative systems. All the burdens and responsibilities of collecting such debts at reasonable costs benefit the creditor by collecting his debts as soon as possible and the lowest costs, as well as the debtor who receives advice and practical and legal solutions to pay his debts as soon as possible and to conduct your business.
• Collection policies:
We work to ensure the upgrading and continuous development of various collection policies and mechanisms and update them in accordance with local laws and international standards in order to adhere to the highest standards of professional practices.
• the quality:
We aim to follow up the performance of the collectors and their commitment to the policies and collection mechanisms set in all stages of collection and training them to develop and refine their skills.
• internal audit:
We aim to ensure that the highest administrative and financial control procedures are followed and adhere to the standards recommended by customers from banks and financial companies.
Our Services:
Here, we provide useful services to the national economy movement, especially for small and medium-sized companies that do not have a strong collection system. These companies provide checks or other guarantees obtained from their customers in return for the goods.
• Collection and purchase of bad and bad debts:
When all the efforts of the debt holder to collect these funds, which are close to write-off of our agents’ records, have become unquestionable and it becomes doubtful that the debtor will be assessed in this case, the offer is analyzed by us and the agreement is subsequently agreed whether to collect or buy.

• Collection of personal loan debts:
Banks usually offer personal loans against collateral and when the borrower fails to repay the loan, the collection of this loan is very difficult, especially when the cost of collecting it is greater than its value. In such cases, banks usually decide not to spend additional money in order to collect bad money, but this process is entrusted to a third party. On this basis, when the bank has exhausted all its procedures and is no longer able to meet the loan, it is the role of our expert team in these matters to take over the task. The collection of personal loans on behalf of others is due to our experience in negotiation, persuasion and our specialized methods of communication that go beyond the limits of messages and phone calls and also the team is specialized in dealing with all debts.

Accepted Files:
We accept all debt collection files, whether coming from banks, companies or individuals of different ages and sizes. Before starting work, our employees study all the documents that prove the maturity of the debt and review the procedures taken before attributing the file to us.
• Modern call center specialized in collecting debts of individuals.
• Specialized department to prosecute and track the impact of fugitive debtors within the State.
• A specialized team for visits and field collection.
• Specialized section of new, non-performing and bad debts.
• A section of consultants specializing in difficult cases.
• Department specialized in collecting car loans.
• Legal Affairs Department to follow up litigation processes within the State.

Every area of ​​our business takes care of it
Professionals are experts in their respective fields.