(Mawlana Hazrat Sultan Qaboos Bin Said)

We urge our young men and women to take advantage of the available job opportunities [04/11/2002]

(We look forward to further work in this direction – Omanisation – to reach the desired goal of the Omani society. In this sense, we urge our young men and women to take advantage of the available opportunities and work to acquire knowledge and skill through education and training and strive hard and sincerely to gain experience In practice (on-site and production)


We are determined to give the Omani youth their special attention and care and raise their morale and standards in order to be qualified for the tasks that they will bear and able to preserve the dignity and independence of this country on our Islamic bases and our traditions and customs Omani heritage inherited from our ancestors glories)

(Building a conscious human being capable of harnessing his talents, skills, and physical, mental and psychological energies in the service of his society is the real way to the success of every development, whether economic or social. The youth in every nation are its promising hope, and its repertoire for the future, and to the extent that Pay attention to the care, guidance, education, preparation, qualification, and fueling the spirit of close belonging to the homeland in them, 3

(We call on everyone to take care of our young people and nurture their aspirations and aspirations. At the same time, we renew our appeal to the youth to be aware of his great role in building the nation in various fields, and he grows up to help his great efforts to contribute positively to the comprehensive development movement. Patience and hope, determination and action, sacrifice and altruism for a happier and more arrogant life can only be achieved by effort, race and overcoming all odds that can block the road or hinder the Messiah 3]

(One’s youth stage is one of ideas, aspirations and ambitious planning for the future. Although this stage lives in a reality of perceptions, expectations and hopes quietly and farewell, but it is not good for young people to stay long at this stage, but they must move quickly to the stage of implementation and work in Performing the national duty

(Youth in every nation are their promising hope, their repertoire for the future, and as much care and care, guidance and education, preparation and rehabilitation, and fueling the spirit of close belonging to the nation in them, be giving and giving, and dedication and devotion, and sacrifice and altruism)



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